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With over 12 years of upstream oil and gas operating experience, Michael provides expertise in infrastructure analysis, integrating operations of asset purchases, and project management of oil and gas development. His operational experience in North America includes Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming. Michael has a strong background in facility, infrastructure, and automation engineering while at ConocoPhillips and Newfield Exploration. Additionally, he developed the Arkoma Woodford and Colorado Piecance basins after they were acquired by Vanguard Natural Resources LLC (now Grizzly Energy LLC) using his drilling, completion, and production engineering skills built at ConocoPhillips, Marathon Oil Company, and WPX Energy. Michael’s passion is analyzing “bolt on” merger & acquisition opportunities to existing assets as well as optimizing financial and safety metrics of acquired assets. This includes strategic staffing analysis, catalyzing business operating strategy changes, and cost optimization post acquisition. Michael hold a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and is currently studying in the Executive MBA in Energy Program at the University of Oklahoma.

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