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Richard Buckner has over 35 years of oil and gas operating experience, an expert in Oil and Gas Production and Operations with Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Arkansas. Nine (9) of his 35 years in Oil and Gas was spent in the International Environment in countries such as Norway, UK, Africa and Venezuela. I have obtained exceptional skills in Artificial Lift and overall operations. In addition to his management skill sets. As President of Chasco in Lavonia Michigan, he manufactured 48% of all coil springs utilized by General Motors and had 250 UAW workers to accomplish this manufacturing process. As President of Turbine Airfoil Designs, in Harrisburg PA, he manufactured and supplied thousands of low pressure air foils to GE and Pratt Whitney on a daily basis. His experience also includes both on and offshore drilling, completions, and production operations throughout the value chain which encompasses exploration, appraisal, and abandonment.   With a focus on Best in Class Operations, I am a leader in the Management of Change process which streamlines processes and eliminates waste.



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